Our cutting-edge research department is at the forefront of innovation, specializing in computational design and robotics. With a team of visionary experts, we harness advanced technology to revolutionize architectural processes. From AI-driven design solutions to robotic construction methods, we’re reshaping the future of architecture.


We adopt computational design to combine architectural creativity and advanced technology, leveraging on computer algorithms and parametric modeling. By harnessing the power of data-driven design, this approach to research transcends conventional boundaries, enabling the creation of innovative, sustainable, and aesthetically striking buildings. The combination of art and science in computational design research redefines the possibilities in architecture, shaping a more efficient and visionary built environment.


We have experience working with robotic fabrication and automation. We explore the development of robotic systems, from industrial automation to cutting-edge autonomous drones. Through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and innovative sensor technologies, this field can transform industries, like architecture. By harnessing the potential of robotics in digital fabrication, we can reshape the way we design and manufacture objects in the digital age.

New Projects