The workshop focused on studying robot parameters related to end-effector behavior. The end effector, controlled by an Arduino board, managed LED color and blinking. The experiment began by defining a curve for the end effector to follow. The curve was divided into points based on the desired resolution and translated into KUKA Robot Language using the KUKAprc plug-in for Grasshopper. Digital testing of path feasibility occurred in Grasshopper. Changes to robot parameters along the curve altered the LED’s color and blinking. The code was then transferred to the robot and tested at 5% of its full speed. After verifying movement feasibility, the code was executed at full speed while a camera captured a time-lapse photo of the LED. The workshop also explored controlling robot parameters along the curve using processing.

Year | 2014
Location | Barcelona, Spain
Status | MArch Thesis
Program | Robotics
Team | Mattia Santi, S. Aburas, G. Nikas, M. P. Velasquez