Robotic Light Writing

The workshop was focused on the study of robot parameters in relation with the end-effector behaviour. In this case, the end effector is made with an Arduino board, which controls the colour and the blinking of a led. The experiment started with the definition of a curve that the end-effector had to follow. Then, the curve was subdivided in points according to the desired resolution. Subsequently, this curve was translated into the KUKA Robot Language using the KUKAprc plug-in for Grasshopper. The feasibility of the path was tested digitally in Grasshopper. According to the modification of robot parameters along the curve, the led already placed on the end effector changed its colour and blinking properties. After these process the code was sent to the robot and tested at 5% of its original speed. Once the feasibility of the movements were verified the code was run at its full speed while a camera took a led time lapse photo. We tested also the control of the robot parameters along the curve using processing.

Time | 2014
Location | Barcelona, Spain
Status | Research Project
Programme | Robotics
Team | Mattia Santi, S. Aburas, G. Nikas, M. P. Velasquez