The British Pavilion Biennale 2020 project explores contemporary identity through the lenses of subjectivity and objectivity. Visitors enter the Pavilion from the back, where a long wall displays images projected from a computer. One end represents ‘the individual,’ while the other signifies ‘the collective.’ This division prompts visitors to choose between investigating individuality, digitized identities, and changing personhood on the right, or exploring collectivity, new cultural tribes, and online nations on the left. Real-time data from sources like Twitter, YouTube, TFL, and the Houses of Parliament inform the projected streams of video, imagery, and text, revealing the ever-evolving concerns and layers of individual and collective identities in the United Kingdom.

Year | 2018
Location | Venice
Status | Concept Design
Program | Temporary Pavilion
Client | British Council
Team | M. Santi, F. Silvi, N. Su, B. Edgoose,  J. He