Odico, a robotic fabrication company in Odense, Denmark, hosted a three-day workshop focusing on robotic control and feedback. The software used included PyRapid (developed by Odico), rapid code language, Inspire, and Rhinoceros. The workshop comprised two phases: the first phase explored the effects of robotic parameters, where PyRapid simulated geometry from Rhino with default parameters, and rapid code was adjusted to control the robot’s inverse kinematics. Parameters like velocity, delay, and zoning were modified based on their effects on the material. In the second phase, geometry was obtained through topological optimization, starting with a simple cube and testing various load-support configurations. Each support was converted into a load in a feedback logic, resulting in simplified geometries visualized virtually and tested in PyRapid before robotic cutting.

Year | 2014
Location | Aarhus, Denmark
Status | MArch Thesis
Program | Digital Simulation 
Tutors | S. Bhooshan, A. Sondergaard
Team | M. Santi, S. Aburas, G. Nikas, M. P. Velasquez