Field Driven Structures

This research workshop is focused on the digital simulation of the behaviour of physical phenomena. The physical behaviour considered in this research is electrostatic fields generated by charges of opposite sign. The first phase of the research was focused on the digital representation of the Coulomb’s Law describing the electrostatic interaction between electrically charged particles. The digital simulation has been developed in C++. This simulation has been used to develop catalogue studies in order to demonstrate how different 3D distribution of charges generate different patterns of force lines. Then we used conventional geometries to drive the distribution of charges, we started studying columns, arcs and domes in order to discover how the force lines of the electrostatic field organize themselves inside those geometries. In order to improve the resolution of the simulation the C++ code has been translated in OpenGL to use the opportunities offered by the parallel computing to considerably increase the number of particles involved in the simulation. The last part of the research was focused on the use of these particles distribution to generate meshes that has been 3D printed in order to evaluate the geometrical formation given by certain parameters.

Time | 2014
Location | London, United Kingdom
Status | Concept Design
Programme | Digital Simulation
Tutors | S. Bhooshan
Team | M. Santi, S. Aburas, H. Xu, Junfeng Tong