Field Driven Structures research workshop centers on digitally simulating the behavior of physical phenomena, specifically electrostatic fields generated by oppositely charged particles. Initially, Coulomb’s Law was digitally represented using C++, simulating the electrostatic interaction between charged particles. The simulation was used to conduct catalogue studies illustrating how different 3D charge distributions create distinct force line patterns. Conventional geometries, such as columns, arcs, and domes, were studied to understand how electrostatic field force lines behave within them. To enhance simulation resolution, the C++ code was translated into OpenGL, leveraging parallel computing to accommodate more particles. The research’s final phase involved using these particle distributions to generate 3D-printed meshes to evaluate geometric formations dictated by specific parameters.

Year | 2014
Location | London
University | Architectural Association AA
Course | Master of Architecture Thesis
Tutor | S. Bhooshan
Team | M. Santi, S. Aburas, H. Xu, Junfeng Tong