Airy Couture concept is to capture body movement through a lightweight system. The process involves several steps, starting with the translation of the female body mesh into a point cloud with varying densities based on body curvature. This point cloud is seen as a landscape where agents move and interact with a second set of strands. Interaction between the two systems can vary depending on factors like strand color and length. The final result features a hidden set of agents guiding the design’s harmonious combination of movement, orientation, and color changes in the couture piece. This interplay between nature and technology creates a protective second skin for the human body. Due to its complexity and the desire to bring the simulated design to life, the sculptural couture piece is intended to be 3D printed.

Year | 2013
Location | London
University | Bartlett School of Architecture UCL
Course | Master of Architecture Thesis
Tutor | A. Andrasek
Team | F. Silvi, T. Guzman