Airy Cotoure

The main inspirational concept is the representation of the body movement through an airy and light system. The process is characterized by several step from the original mesh to the final design proposal. Starting from the mesh of the female body, this has been translate into a point cloud characterized by different densities according to the curvature of the original shape of the body. The latter in the project is considered as a landscape, where the agents move are move and affect a second set of strands. The interaction between the two systems can change slightly or drastically, according to a set of variables, such as colour and length of the strands. These are in fact the main features of the final proposal. The first set of agents, the “hidden mind”, that rule the design, is not visible in the final result, but through its behaviour, lead the harmonious combination of movement, orientation and gradual change of colour in the overall piece of couture. The dialogue between nature and technology create an armoured second skin for the human body. Given its intricacy and the willing to fabricate what simulated, the sculptural piece of couture is thought to be 3D printed.

Time | 2013
Location | London, United Kingdom
Status | Concept Design
Programme | Fashion Design
Team | F. Silvi, T. Guzman