City Main Library Gwangju

The project for the New City Main Library is the first phase of the project named “Regenerating Sangmu incinerator”. The site for the New City Main Library is located in Sangmu district in Gwangju Metropolitan City. The district is characterized by large-scale housing complexes and commercial facilities, including administrative and financial organizations. The site hosts the Sangmu incinerator that currently consists of a factory building to be preserved and regenerated, the administrative and welfare buildings to be demolished and a heat supply to be relocated. The project proposes a public Library combined with community sports facilities. The design proposal is developed to create a new milestone symbol of culture, social integration and innovation, rethinking the role of libraries in contemporary society and the relation between digital media and analogue materials to create new opportunities to promote culture.

Time | 2020
Location | Gwangju, South Korea
Status | Concept Design
Program | Public Library and Industrial Renovation
Client | Gwangju Metropolitan City