Bradfield Road Tower

Bradfield Road Tower is a design proposal for a tower in London. The idea is to create a mixed use tower, where residential functions coexist with co-working spaces, private gym and a rooftop bar. The ground floor is characterized by entrance lobbies and retail to create a 24hr activation around the site. The façade plays an essential role in the overall design of the building creating openings and terraces that dematerialize the building corners. The skin design is based on modular cladding elements that articulate the façade and optimise construction costs. The overall design is optimized using few complex nodes that are repeated along the façade. In our design approach we design facades as 3D systems that respond to multifunctional requirements, and take in account construction strategies from early stages of design.

Time | 2020
Location | London
Status | Concept Design
Program | Residential and Commercial
Client | Private